Work as a Chef on a Private Yacht

Becoming a yacht chef is a great way to combine a passion for cooking with a love of travel. If you're a trained chef or cook and interested in sea travel, then becoming a yacht chef may be the perfect career choice for you. Keep in mind that this can also be quite a challenging job for many reasons. The yacht chef may not perform the variety of duties as the captain or other workers, but the chef will have a direct impact on how successful the experience will be for everyone onboard.

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Here are some of the duties the chef may be asked to perform:

  • Plans the menus for three meals a day while the ship is in use.
  • Prepares food and supply list and budget, making sure budget fits the one set by the captain
  • Ensures that all food will fit in the galley and stay fresh while at sea
  • Supervises other cooks
  • Cooks all meals for everyone on board- crew and passengers

There are other duties that the chef may have to perform, but these are the ones most often required. It will be important to provide quality meals that are also tasty and healthy. Both crew members and passengers will also expect some variety in the menu. More detailed information about this position is provided when you become a member of CruiseJobfinder.

Chef Qualifications and Abilities

Of course the most important quality the chef needs to possess is an ability to plan and prepare great meals that people enjoy eating.yacht meal photo This includes all meals and appetizers, snacks, and desserts. He or she should also have excellent organizational skills and if there are other cooks onboard, he or she will also need to have good leadership skills.

In addition to the basic safety knowledge that is required for all crew members, chefs and cooks will also be expected to be knowledgeable of all food safety requirements. The chef should know how to stretch the budget and do a lot within a limited amount of space and equipment and tools.

What Else You'll Need to Know

Like most jobs, there is a lot more to being a yacht chef than you would expect. In addition to food prep and purchasing, there are other requirements you'll need to meet, including some safety training and certifications. When you become a member of CruiseJobFinder you'll have access to this information plus much more. Members will find out all of the requirements needed to become a yacht chef, basic salary information, and interviews with current yachting industry personnel and leaders. Becoming a member of CruiseJobFinder can help you determine if the yachting industry is right for you, and whether becoming a yacht chef is a fit for your career goals and personality. We also provide you with yachting industry job postings and resume and interviewing tips that can increase your chances of getting a job in the industry.


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