Assistant Chief Engineers

This rank may also be called: Staff Chief Engineer, or 1st Engineer

The Assistant Chief Engineer is the second-in-command within the Engine Department. They help the Chief Engineer perform the daily maintenance tasks in the Engine Room and must be ready to take over at any time.

This position is responsible for the mechanical systems, the electrical and electronic systems, and the environmental issues on the cruise ship. The Assistant Chief Engineer also makes sure that all safety equipment is up to standard, which includes the fire-fighting equipment, doors, and other equipment within the Engine Room. They also train the Engine Room staff and supervise them, and help keep the department within the budget.

In order to qualify as a candidate for the Assistant Chief Engineer position, you need to be a senior officer. You also need to have much experience in the systems that you oversee, and good management skills. A certificate of competency is also required. You must be able to speak and write in excellent English.

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