Worker Profile: Windsurfing Instructor Jobs

Jim Mudry worked as a windsurfing instructor in Margarita, Venezuela; Los Barriles, Mexico; and in the Dominican Republic for Vela Travel Resorts (based in Palo Alto, California) for five years.

For me, the biggest benefits of working at a resort were mainly the opportunity to windsurf all the time, to live in a beautiful setting, and to escape from the real world. There were no phones to answer, no bills, and no one to answer to. The lifestyle there is really different. Much slower. Really relaxed.

It wasn’t too tough for me to get the job, because it was all pre-arranged before I left. But someone trying to break in without knowing someone would have a tough time. The companies like to have a current recommendation from one of their employees. So you’ve got to keep digging and talking to people in the industry. You can get jobs, but you really have to know someone in the business. It’s a really small industry. But if you talk to people and get to know them, chances are something will eventually come up.

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