Working Vacations in the Travel Industry

Oh, wouldn't it be nice if work and vacation were basically entertwined? Well, for some people working in the travel industry they are practically one in the same! We don't want to imply that working on a cruise ship or for a beach resort or spa doesn't require hard work. But the environment usually beats an office cubicle. Learn a lot more about the industry and find job openings in our Members Section.

If you want to experience life on the road, and the freedom of traveling to interesting places all over the globe, planning a working vacation is perfect for you. Are you a graduated high school student with a gap year, a college or university looking for some adventure before settling into a permanent career, or an industry professional looking to spice up your resume? Travel jobs are the answer to any one of the above. You can find great jobs working on cruise liners exploring the American Coast, at beach resorts in Europe, or on luxury yachts sailing the waters of the Caribbean. Whatever type of job you are interested in, you will definitely find no shortage of opportunities at CruiseJobFinder. Our members' job center is filled with jobs just waiting for your application. Join now!

Different Destinations During the Year

The first thing you need to do when planning a year-long traveling expedition is to look at the calendar and work out which areas you want to visit and which times of year. You can then search for the specific cruise liner companies, beach resorts, hotels, tour guide companies and yacht owners that are travelling in these specific areas. An easy way of working in many different areas throughout your year, is to use our job center to search for profiles of large companies that have various resorts and cruise liners all over the world. This makes things easier, as you will be able to transfer from one place to another easily as an employee of that company.

Your first destination in January or February could be aboard a large cruise ship on a two week tour of the Americas including Mexico, where you could transfer and work at a beach resort for a while. After that you could choose to board another cruise liner headed for Bermuda, Bahamas, and the Caribbean, and spend another month or two working in that region as a tour guide or diving instructor, if you are qualified, or on private yachts. After about April or May, you can start heading towards the European countries on another cruise liner as the weather gets warmer and tour France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Great Britain.

At any of these ports you could choose to spend more time on shore working at one of the cruise liner company branches as a marketing assistant, or performing clerical work so that you can have plenty of time to explore the sights. Once you have spent enough time in this part of the world, you can board another cruise liner perhaps this time working in the retail section or entertainment department, and head for the cruise destinations in Asia and the South Pacific passing Norway, Denmark and Sweden on the way. Here you can hop on a river barge and experience the river cruise jobs in Russia and China. Finally, towards the end of the year as the weather warms up in the Southern Hemisphere again, you could head towards Australia and New Zealand working at some great hotels and beach resorts there as well as on some private charter yachts.

You can then head back America past Hawaii. This round the world trip will be an experience of lifetime, and you will not only have excellent memories of all sort of amazing places, but you will have gained a huge amount of experience in your field of interest or various skills in various travel job positions. More planning tips and advice including a calendar of cruises and destinations is available in our members' area.

Types of Travel Jobs

When you plan a working vacation for a year, you want to make sure that you don't get bored or tied into a position that hardly allows you time to explore. Now, you will be working very hard of course, sometimes for 12 to 16 hour shifts, but you can find certain travel jobs that will give you great opportunities to see the sights, such as tour guide jobs. If you have a skill such as horse riding, you can get a horse riding tour job at one of your destinations, where you will take guests on trips of the countryside or town on horseback. You will be working, but also get to see the attractions.

If you want to further your career by working as a chef on board a cruise liner, you will be spending a lot of your time in the galley or restaurant kitchen, so why not get yacht jobs at one of your ports, so that you can spend more time in a refined environment preparing gourmet meals for a few private guests? Another idea is to get hospitality jobs in different departments, so you can enjoy some time on deck as well as below deck, and at resorts or hotels in exotic destinations.

Budget Planning for your Working Vacation

The biggest thing about working and traveling at the same time is that you will want to spend your money at each and every place purchasing mementoes and visiting attractions. While this is part of the whole travelling and working experience, you also have to take care with your finances. Set yourself limits for each destination and plan ahead of time where you want to go. Get more hints when you become a member.


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