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Have you always wanted to travel all over the world? Do you enjoy the adventure and excitement of being at sea or on an exotic island? And most of all, do you have a passion for people? Well, then you have come to the right place. Here at Cruise Job Finder, we have the most comprehensive database of jobs in the travel industry, where you can make money working on cruise liners, at beach resorts, island hotels, or even as a tour guide anywhere you like in the world.

Overview of Travel Jobs

The appeal of traveling and earning money at the same time is what CruiseJobFinder is all about. When you become a member, you are not only able to view tourism jobs from all over the world from the top cruise and hotel chains, but you are also offered extensive research materials and advise regarding all aspects of traveling to different countries, and what qualifications and/or requirements you need.

You could find yourself working as a SCUBA diving instructor on the top cruise ship exploring the Caribbean, or you might get a job as a deckhand on board a millionaire's private luxury yacht in Europe. Your choices are limitless and there are always options for excellent beach resort jobs, yacht jobs, cruise ship employment, tour guide jobs and more. You will not have the experience of a lifetime, but you will earn a nice sum of money.

Types of Travel Employment

There are many travel and tourism jobs that you can apply for that will take you on a sea or land based adventure. You even have the option to transfer within the company you work for to various other locations around the world. In our member's section you'll have access to these information libraries and job boards:

  • Cruise Ship Jobs
  • Yacht Jobs (Luxury or Charter)
  • Tour Guide Jobs
  • Beach Resort Jobs or Hotel Jobs

The travel jobs you can get vary from being a tennis instructor at a five star hotel in Greece, to being a dancer onboard a river cruise ship, or working as a barman at a tropical beach bar at a top resort. Wherever your imagination and dreams lead, you can find the perfect job to get you there and allow you to enjoy and savor the atmosphere, sights and people.

Working Conditions, Hours and Payment for Travel Jobs

While travel jobs might sound one long working vacation, there are some things that you must be aware of when you apply (reality check time). Depending on the type of job you get, you might have very long hours and not be able to explore as much as you would like. You will get the odd day off, so make the most of it. When you are working, take the opportunity to talk to people and gain the most from where you are.

Working conditions will vary depending on where you work in your resort, hotel, cruise liner or yacht. If you are in the engine department, you might spend a good deal of your time below deck, but if you are one of the recreation staff, deck barman, or waiters, you will have stunning views, and interesting sights to see. You will receive great benefits from the company that employs you for travel work, such as medical / health cover.

The payment you receive will also vary and some will work on weekly amounts, hourly wages or monthly salaries. Some companies will offer bonuses for overtime and weekend work, and you will also usually receive great tips if you are in the food and beverage section.

Benefits and Opportunities

There are tons of benefits and opportunities that you can receive while working abroad on a cruise ship or luxury yacht. You will have the chance to sail the oceans and experience life onboard a ship. You will meet plenty of interesting people and learn a great deal about the line of work you are in. Working at a beach resort, hotel, lodge, spa or other land based tourism center will give you the chance to explore foreign lands, learn about local cultures, traditions, and also gain a tremendous amount of experience while meeting wonderful people. You will also have the chance to learn about lots of other hospitality jobs and jobs in the travel industry that are not part of your job description. With some companies you can even change jobs, work more than one or travel to other chains of hotels, resorts, cruise liners, working different jobs at each. Traveling while learning new trades and skills, is a great way to spend a year or two, especially when you haven't figured out what your true career path is just yet.

What you Need for Jobs in the Travel Industry

To join as a member you will be given all the insights and details about how to apply for the travel jobs and where to find the best cruise liner jobs, hospitality jobs, yacht jobs, tour guide jobs, and hotel or spa jobs. Here are some of the basics that you will need:

  • Outgoing personality
  • Determination and to be Hard Working
  • Passport and/or Visa
  • Knowledge of where you are going
  • Marine terminology

These are just a few things you should have to pursue and apply for one of the travel jobs in our member's area. Join now to learn a whole lot more, and to access the biggest online database of jobs in the travel industry.


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