All Types of Guided Tour Operations

What kinds of tours are there?

Let's see what the possibilities are. According to the UN World Trade Organization, there are three kinds of tours - domestic, inbound, and outbound - and thus three kinds of tour operators who hire tour directors. Many companies offer both domestic and outbound tours.

Domestic tours involve residents of the given country traveling only within their own country. Tours offered in this country could be national parks tours, Mississippi river boat cruises, autumn colors tours in the Rockies or the northeast, southwestern U.S. tours, Hawaii tours, Alaska tours, Pacific northwest tours, southern hospitality tours, train tours, the options are endless and the income potential for tour directors is substantial. The US is the second most popular destination in terms of people visits, and the most lucrative market in terms of income. TDs who work for domestic tour operators have the potential of wending their way around the country on a variety of tours, or, if repeating the same tour, of watching the different seasons come to a particular area or park with each visit.

Outbound Tour Operators take residents from one country to travel in another country. These tours take travelers all over the world and to every continent. Where do the tours go? The most popular place is Europe, but that's just a start on opportunities. Add to that the South Pacific, China, Australia, Patagonia, Antarctica, worldwide cruising, the Middle East. Where would you like to go?

Inbound Tours involve non-residents traveling in another country. Companies that provide local assistance for tours arriving in their country or town are called Inbound or Receptive Tour Operators. They are commonly used on international trips, particularly where language issues are part of the mix. These companies make the local arrangements for airport pickup and delivery, arrange for activities, hire local guides, attend to all the details of the stay, and help in emergencies. A Receptive Tour Operator could be a ground transportation company, or a Destination Management Company (DMC). If you are working for a Receptive Tour Operator, you likely are a local who is working WITH the inbound tour, not FOR its tour company. If your tour is the Inbound Tour, for example traveling to Argentina, then you work with the local Receptive Tour Operator, who is handling the travel details for you, and can be counted on to speak really good Spanish if you can't. Consider jobs with TrekAmerica if this niche is of interest. They provide tours of the USA!

The Bottom Line: There are Job Opportunities at Home and Abroad!


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