The Coolest Places to Guide

By definition, a tour will take you someplace wonderful. Whether you see it from a bus, a bicycle, a raft, or a hot-air balloon, you will be looking at some place beautiful.

The list of places to be a tour director is endless. If you can imagine it, there likely is a tour already there. Picture yourself as a TD on some of these activities:

  • Bike tours through Europe
  • Jungle tours in Thailand
  • Glacier and wildlife tours in Alaska
  • Mountain bike tours in Australia
  • Walking tours in Key West
  • Hot air balloon tours over France
  • Hiking tours up Mt. Olympus
  • Winery tours to the world's best wine regions

You could be a TD on escorted US tours, with retirees who can tell stories about some of the places mentioned above, and adventures they have had there. Your travels with those retirees could take you on

  • Autumn color tours in New England or the Rockies
  • Mississippi river boat cruises
  • Civil War battlefield tours
  • Big city tours: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC
  • Route 66 tours, traveling the iconic American Road Trip highway
  • national parks tours in the West or Northwest or New England
  • Canadian maritime tours
  • Alaskan cruises and land tours

The road calls. Will you answer?


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