ENG1: Medical Certification

To get a job onboard a seafaring yacht, you may be required to obtain a certificate that proves that you are healthy enough to perform all the duties of the job. This is especially true of captains, deckhands, and others that may be likely to perform critical tasks during an emergency.

The ENG1 certificate’s requirements are dictated by the MCA (Maritime and Coast Guard Agency of the United Kingdom). Not all yachts may require the certification, especially if they are not flying under the U.K. flag, but many of them do. Also, note that non-seagoing yachts, in other words, yachts that travel along coastlines or on lakes or other waterways, do not require the ENG1.

To obtain an ENG1, you will need to get a physical examination from a licensed doctor or similar medical professional, such as a nurse practitioner. The medical practitioner examines you for the following items:

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