Tennis Instructor Jobs

Tennis, in many ways, is the classic resort pastime. Those summer vacations enjoyed by so many wealthy families throughout generations bring to mind wardrobes of tennis whites and glasses of lemonade at courtside. Even with the introduction of other, more adventurous sports – SCUBA diving and windsurfing, for example – to these types of settings, tennis still remains a resort mainstay.

It’s hard to go wrong as a tennis instructor deciding to look for work at a resort. Just about every company we list has tennis facilities, and positions are available in a wide range of settings. Tennis is one of the few resort job categories that applicants will be sure to find regardless of climate, terrain, or location.

Tennis Instructor Training

Organizations such as the U.S. Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the U.S. Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) provide training and certification for tennis instructors. The USPTA and the USPTR use standard methods of tennis instruction and a year-round, worldwide schedule of courses. Membership in one of these organizations could give your resort job application an extra dose of credibility that could get you hired.

Joining this type of organization brings with it benefits that are sure to help you succeed not only in your search for a resort job, but throughout your entire tennis career. As a member you’ll have access to workshops and clinics, liability insurance, instructional manuals and videotapes, discounts on equipment and travel, employment guidance, and subscriptions to tennis publications.

For more information on getting certified as a tennis instructor, contact one of the following:

U.S. Professional Tennis Association
1 USPTA Centre
3535 Briarpark Drive
Houston, TX 77042
(713) 97-USPTA
Fax (713) 978-7780

U.S. Professional Tennis Registry
P.O. Box 4739
Hilton Head Island, SC 29938
(800) 421-6289 or (803) 785-7244
Fax (803) 686-2033

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