Hotel Chef Jobs

For many vacationers, what they eat at a resort is just about as important as the activities that make them hungry. Legends abound of spectacular buffets and gourmet spreads at destination hotels around the world. After all, when was the last time you heard someone say, “We had the time of our lives, but the food was terrible”?

Guests who pay top dollar expect first-rate comfort, and that means culinary delights, too. Working as a chef at a resort will give you the opportunity to please guests, work with highly skilled gourmets from around the world, travel, and learn new methods and styles of meal preparation.

A chef who works in Massachusetts says the biggest reward of the job is personal satisfaction:

“With the creativity level of cooking, it’s more of an art than anything else. Plus, in our profession, I know I’ll always have a job.”

General Chef Salary Information

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Training to Be a Chef

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