Guides have Cool Jobs!

Where are the coolest jobs? Anywhere you can imagine, in any country you care to pick. New Zealand calls with adventure travel opportunities. Europe beckons with cruise trips on every major river. China’s great wall and terracotta soldiers invite you to experience thousands of years of history. The U.S. national parks, “America’s best idea,” show that our country is second to none in natural beauty. Cruise ships dock alongside tropical cities and calving glaciers, and they need shore guides when they do.

And how do you want to travel? The buses are comfortable for long-distance tours, yet bicycles and cross-country skis invite you off the coach and into the beauty of the countryside. 

The choices are only limited by your imagination. Whatever interesting places you identify, tours already go there. Go show that part of the world to someone who has never seen it. Share your love of travel and the gifts it brings. (&amp get paid while you’re at it!)

These are cool jobs!


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