The Job of a Yacht Chef

Job Descriptions: chef, cook, sous chef

Chefs or cooks on yachts do more than just the actual cooking. They are usually in charge of the kitchen, and making sure that there is enough food for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, buffets, desserts, etc. for the entire journey, or at least until the ship reaches the first port of call. This can be challenging, and it takes a chef or cook that has very good skills planning menus, portion sizes, lists of ingredients, and so on.

Remember, chefs on yachts can’t run out to the nearest grocery store or gourmet food store and purchase something that they forgot.

What also makes the job challenging is that chefs usually need to store a great deal of food in a very small kitchen with limited storage space. The kitchen may also be too small to include all the equipment and appliances that the chef usually works with. Chefs may need to adjust recipes or their cooking style to work with what is available for use. The chef must also remember that he or she is feeding crew members as well as passengers.

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