Jobs on Chartered Yachts

If you’re considering a career in yachting, chances are you good you may work on a chartered yacht. Charter yachts take guests on a single or multi-day trip for a fee. Some of these yachts may be commercially owned by a large corporation while others are owned by private individuals who commonly act as captain. Some chartered yachts are privately owned and the owner only uses them a few times a year so they charter them the rest of the year through a management company.

Some people charter a yacht with its crew, expecting them to take them to the destination of their choosing. Other yachts that are chartered only travel on specific trips, such as to the Caribbean, the French Riviera, etc. The trip may have a theme, such as exploring the coastline and viewing the wildlife of Alaska.

Just like captains of other yachts, the captains of chartered yachts love traveling to exotic locations and the challenges of life at sea. Crew members often have the same passion for the sea and the locations they travel to. To these individuals, yachting is more of a lifestyle than a profession. In effect, chartering guests is a means to an end allowing them to set sail and get away from the confines of office life.

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Crewing for Captains