Maritime Salaries

Most salaries for maritime crew are very high, due to the nature of the work, being at sea away from home and families for extended periods of time, and the length and degree of training and certificates that are required even for the entry level positions.

General Maritime Salary Information

Engineering Crew

Chief Engineer: You can earn a tidy sum of money as a Chief Engineer making anywhere between $75,000 and $84,000 from trawlers and tankers to luxury yachts and cruise ships. This salary would normally be broken up into basic pay, a sea premium for when you are away from home port for extended periods of time, and bonus pay for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays when you are away at sea. Certain employers also offer dental, medical aid, insurance, and other benefits including accommodation that is fully or partly paid for, transport to and home from the port of call, and sometimes meals as well.

Designated Duty Engineer: Work locations on a cruise liner, trawler, or container ship can take you anywhere in the world and you will go from port to port many times during a year. The average annual salary for a DDE is $57,000 although this would vary greatly depending on your location and what company you work for, as well as your experience. You can also receive benefits when you work for certain employers like accommodation, transport to your home from the port, meals, medical aid including dental, disability insurance, and paid leave.

Assistant Engineers: You can earn different salaries depending on where you are based as an assistant engineer of either first, second or third. This salary will also depend on what company you work for, your experience level and what other benefits are being offered, but the general salary for an Assistant Engineer is about $50,000 per year. The other benefits include dental, medical aid, accommodation, transport, insurance, and meals among other things.

Engineer: The job of Third or Fourth Engineer can be very demanding, and you will also have to be prepared for the dangers of working on board a vessel. You will get paid fairly well for this however, and you will not only receive a basic salary, but also an extra wage for working at sea for lengthy periods of time. You will also receive overtime pay for the weekends and holidays that you are away at sea, and various additional benefits that each company will offer. The general salary for this maritime position is around $40,000 per annum.

Oiler: This is an entry level position on board a ship, and you can hope to earn between $19,000 and $25,000 per year, along with some other benefits that a specific company might offer, such as dental and medical aid, accommodation, transportation, meals, insurance, and paid shore leave.

Wiper: This is an entry level position on a ship, where you can earn a salary of between $19,000 and $25,000, depending on your employer and the location where you work. You can also earn other benefits such as insurance, medical and dental, paid or partly paid accommodation, meals, transport home from port, and paid shore leave for permanent positions.


Wheelhouse Crew Pay