Travel Doctor & Nursing Jobs

Everyone get sick at some point or another, and hopefully it does not happen while we are on vacation, but occasionally it does. There could be a number of reasons that people take ill, but when you are on a cruise liner in the middle of the ocean, on a tour of Italy, or while staying at a beach resort in the Bahamas, it is terrible. This is why cruise ships, beach resorts, hotels, private and charter yachts, as well as tour companies always insist on hiring a medic, nurse and/or physician to travel with its guests in case of any sickness or emergency. These jobs pay well and give you the chance to discover many beautiful and interesting places all over the world, so why not apply for one of the many medical jobs that are offered on CruiseJobFinder? Become a member today and find out how!

Cruise Ship Doctors and Nurses

A cruise ship is like a massive hotel or mini town on water with spas, restaurants, activity centers, gyms, shops, rooms, and even theatres. These places all provide a certain amount of potential health risks which warrants the need of a cruise ship doctor and cruise ship nurse to be hired. Guests can have accidents while doing some of the sports and activities on board. Some might have a seasickness problem or take ill if they are not used to the food at the restaurants. They could also simply catch a cold. The crew is also at a risk of injuries and illnesses while working, specially the deck and engine room crew, but the chefs and kitchen staff have hot substances and sharp knives in the galley, entertainers have hazards with lighting, props and dancing injuries etc, and there are a number of other places on a cruise ship that could lead to injury and will require the services of a physician. Children will need more care sometimes and most cruise liner companies have a cruise ship nurse to handle cuts and scrapes, or smaller medical occurrences. Traveling physician jobs are the perfect change of pace for a young doctor who has just completed his or her internship program, or it may provide a mature and highly experienced doctor with the opportunity to travel after having worked in the hospital arena for many years.

Private Yacht Doctor

If you are looking for an even more relaxed lifestyle, and want to have tied to the rich and famous, then you can find medical jobs as a private yacht doctor on royal yachts and the like. You will only be called on when needed, which might not be at all, and you will get to live and dine in luxury whilst exploring the gorgeous scenery and places that you visit.

Beach Resort Medical Center

A beach resort as well as hotels and lodges all have a medical center where trained and qualified nurses and doctors will be on duty at all times to provide medical care to guests when necessary. Working at a beach resort medical center will offer you the opportunity to work in different locations all over the world, and interact with lots of cultures and many interesting people. You can explore places like Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas, Malta and locations in Mexico such as Cabo San Lucus. There are lots of medical jobs that are on offer so become a member now to take full advantage.

Tour Medic

Touring the world can be tough and many tours wanting their guests to feel safe and secure offer a tour medic that will travel along with the group to ensure the safety of everyone, especially during adventure travel such as hiking, biking, and horse riding. The majority of tour groups consist of older people above 40 or 50 years, and so a tour medic is essential. This kind of medical job will require you to travel extensively, so while you get to see lots of places, you will also need to be comfortable with constantly being on the road.

Medical Jobs Summary

On site doctors and nurses are required by many travel companies across the globe and will give you a chance to practice medicine in some of the most stunning locations imaginable. All of this is available when you become a member, and you will learn everything you need to apply, tips for travelling and working, your earning potential and much more. Our job center will connect you with jobs that you can apply for instantly, some of which may not be available anywhere else on the Internet. Here is an example of one of the doctor travel jobs currently available in our members' area:

Position: Qualified onboard physicians (family practice, internal medicine, and emergency medicine) required for seasonal and year round position in California. You are allowed to bring a companion to share your cabin for no charge, and all your airfares from home and return are paid for. Medical insurance is carried on behalf of all doctors. You will be the sole medic on board, and may have a small treatment room depending on which vessel you work on, as well as AEDs. Your job will consist of going on shore excursions with the guests, eating meals with them, carrying a hand-held radio to communicate with the shipboard personnel, and being on call 24 hours a day in case of emergency.


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