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You can also post your own detailed personal profile so that employers can contact you when searching our Member Profile Database.

To conduct an effective and efficient job search, we recommend you follow a plan of action after you have read all of the CruiseJobFinder content:

  • As a Member you may regularly search the Featured Jobs Database. Jobs are added here on a regular basis. These are jobs that employers are actively recruiting to fill. We recommend searching the Featured Jobs Database at least once per week.
  • Search and apply to companies through the detailed employer profiles in the Company Jobs Database. Many of the jobs in the industries covered by CruiseJobFinder are never advertised. This doesn't mean that they are not available; it just means that they do not advertise them to the general public. That is why our detailed employer listings are so useful. An effective way of getting a job in these industries is to apply directly to the companies offering these jobs. In each employer profile we provide you details on the best way to apply for each type of job.
  • Find even more jobs on our Web-Wide Job Board, which pulls the latest jobs from all over the Internet.
  • Post your profile in our Member Profile Database. We make it easy for you to be as thorough as possible when filling out your profile. You'll be prompted to input your qualifications and related training/certifications. Also, we provide a short list of questions that many employers have, which you can carefully answer to improve your chances of being contacted. We also recommend that you post a Cover Letter and Resume in the appropriate fields. You can cut and past your resume from your word processing program (i.e., Microsoft Word). An alternative is to use html to help spruce up the appearance of your resume if you choose.

The bottom line is that our JobCenter makes it easy for you to learn about cruise, yacht, resort, and tour guide employers, to put yourself in front of hiring managers, and to find and apply for jobs. Our company listings provide each company's employment information, application instructions, and their employment job lines. Plus, lots more!






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