Working for the Spa Team

This is Part II of our interview with K. Marshall, who has worked for Royal Caribbean International. Learn more about gym positions on cruise ships in Part I of the interview.

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How to Get Hired

How long did it take from first applying for the position to getting your first contact from the cruise line company?

It took 4 months.

What happened after you were hired?

After a long process for getting my Visa, and sorting out medicals, as well as the one month training in the UK, I was sent to my ship.gym on cruise ship photo

How long was it before you got your ship assignment after accepting the position?

Just 2 hours!

How helpful was the cruise line in helping you get organized before you joined your ship?

Well, it was a bit of a rush. I was told at 9 pm that I was going, so I had to be ready for the airport at 5 am the next morning!

Living On Board

What are your colleagues like?

I was blessed to have an awesome spa team and a ship where everyone was like a huge big family.

What is your favorite port and why?

Canada. That is more my kind of scene. The Caribbean was great, but the Canadian destinations were my best. There is so much to see and do - it is wonderful.

Do you go on any excursions? If so, what was your favorite one?

I went parasailing in St. Thomas in the Caribbean. It was an amazing thrill.

What's the best advice anyone gave you about working in this industry, whether it relates to finding a job for the first time or making the most of the experience?

Have fun - work hard, but have fun.

What are the most coveted positions on the ship?

Casino staff and working in the shops. These positions also make the most money..

What is Royal Caribbean like to work for?

Royal Caribbean is great to work for.

What do they do to keep the crew happy?

Royal Caribbean has a nice, very family orientated atmosphere and love keeping up the crew spirit with parties, events and more.

Do you think working on cruise ships has or will help your career on land, and has it developed you as a person?

The hours on the ship have prepared me for land work and doing everything on my own onboard has been awesome for me. Running and managing a gym all by myself with no help is a fantastic experience, and will allow me to advance in my fitness career tremendously.


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