Tauck World Discovery - Jobs on Small Ships

Tauck World Discovery is not your typical cruise line. Their vessels don't typically ply the world's oceans but instead they take passengers (and employees!) on incredible river adventures and to small islands and harbors.

Our editorial staff talked to a human resources rep for Tauck, who does most of the company's screening and hiring.

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How many vessels does your company operate?

We have a number of small cruise vessels namely the Coral Princess, Diamond Princess, Isabela I, L'Austral, Le Boreal, Le Levant, Le Ponant, M / V Santa Cruz, Wind Spirit, and Wind Star, and our luxury river cruise ships include the MS Swiss Emerald, MS Swiss Jewel, MS Swiss Sapphire, MS Treasures, Nile Adventurer, and the Yangzi Explorer.

Describe a typical "cruise" if there is such a thing. What would the shipboard experience be like for a typical employee?

Each vessel operates differently, all offering different amenities, and with different itineraries. The experience for each employee would be unique and highly rewarding. Our cruises are typically short (about 5 days or so), so the employee gets the benefit of seeing new sights, but does not have to be away from home for long periods of time.

What are some of the common job titles you advertise for? (deck, engineering, food & beverage, sales, etc.)

In the cruise department, we look to fill all kinds of positions from spa therapists to casino staff, and marine crew.

Do you have a "season" or "seasons" where you're busiest? Describe the seasonality aspect of your business.

We hire all year round as we offer cruises all over the world. The busiest times are summer months

Do you have a lot of college kids/students working for you? If yes, then what attracts them to your jobs?

Yes, we do. Read More When You Become a Member

Describe your perfect candidate. How can someone best make a great first impression with you?

We look for people who are professional and well presented. Obviously a winning personality is important and making a great first impression is also about how you sell yourself. This means dressing well, speaking well, being confident, and determined to work hard.

Are there any benefits or perks that your employees enjoy?

We are proud of the fact that we can offer our employees such wonderful perks. We have a special wellness program that is designed to benefit and enhance our employees’ lives, and includes:

  • Onsite health fairs, with shot offered for flu shots, and screenings of blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Weight Watchers meetings onsite.
  • Access to an onsite fitness center for free.
  • Online health and wellness tool, including the ability to perform an accurate Health Risk Assessments (a personalized tool that helps to determine the current health status of employees, and posing steps that can help to improve individual health)
  • Annual mammogram screenings.

Our other benefits include:

  • Medical Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Disability Plans
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • 401 (k)
  • Retirement Profit Sharing Plan
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Paid Holidays

Interviewing Advice

What advice would you give people to help them prepare for interviews with your company?

Be calm and confident! We like to see that you are natural and comfortable around people, as this is the main requirement of the job - being able to get on with all kinds of different people.

Does your company provide any If yes, can you describe what it entails?

Yes, we have a comprehensive training program that will get all Tauck employees up to standard. We ensure that all directors and tour operators are fully trained and ready to give of their best.

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