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Looking for work in Europe on a luxury cruise ship? If so, then find out how to get recruited and hired. Get exclusive job search information from hiring managers throughout the cruise industry. CruiseJobFinder interviewed a representive from Finnish company, Kristina Cruises, who talked about the company and shared advice about CVs, interviewing, and much more.

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About the company.

We offer special cruises to various areas around Europe and the Caribbean, with our larger vessel the Kristina Katarina boasting three restaurants, a spa, a club, a cafC) and kids area. We then also offer river cruises around Europe on our smaller river vessels.

Describe a typical 'cruise' if there is such a thing.

Our employees are able to experience a different kind of cruise to those offered on the larger vessels. They get to meet more people and see all the interesting sights of Europe and the Caribbean. They must work hard, sure, but not as hard as you would on one of those mega cruise liners.Kristina Cruise Jobs photo It is a little more relaxed with a family friendly atmosphere.

What are some of the common job titles you advertise for?

We frequently look for wait staff, housekeeping staff, and other hospitality employees.

How many seasonal staff do you typically hire, and for which positions?

We hire a fair amount, usually for the housekeeping and dining departments where it can get very busy.

Regarding seasonal or temporary staff...What percentage of your staff are returning from the previous year vs. new hires?

We have a few people that return, but usually new students and other young adults who want to try out cruise work for a while.

Do you have a lot of college kids/students working for you? If yes, then what attracts them to your jobs?

Yes we do, the general nature of the work attracts them. It is exciting, they get to meet new people, the work is somewhat flexible, and they can travel.

Describe your perfect candidate. How can someone best make a great first impression with you?

We look for people who are passionate and interested in this line of work. We don't want people working for us who don't really want to be there, because this attitude will be noticed by the passengers and negatively affect their whole experience.

We also want to see that you have good service skills and that you have some experience in a customer service related environment.

Lastly, we require that our employees all speak English and Finnish.

What are the typical terms of employment offered?

We have week-long cruises, but temporary staff are hired for a season, so about 3 months.

What are some common misperceptions people have about working on cruise ships?

I think that main misperception is that employees think that the work is going to be fun and that you will not be doing that much. This is very wrong, as you will be working extremely hard and for very long hours sometimes. It is fun and enjoyable for the right type of people, but it can be tiring and long.

What type of person gravitates towards these jobs?

People who enjoy the hospitality industry enjoy this work because it offers more excitement than working in a hotel or restaurant. There is a lot to see and new people to meet. People who are looking for a temporary form of employment, either as a break in between studies or as an adventure before settling down to their career, tend to apply.


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