Cruise the Florida Shoreline with Naples Princess

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Interview Excerpt

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Tell us about your company.

We have a 105' Skipperliner Yacht which can carry up to 150 passengers. The company offers daily public cruises including lunch, dinner, hors d'oeuvres and daytime and sunset sightseeing. Our food is prepared fresh daily in our galley. We also do private parties, corporate functions and weddings. My role in staffing is hiring.

How many vessels does your company operate?

We operate one 105' Skipperliner yacht. It has 3 levels with two climate controlled interiors. The boat has beautiful cheery wood with gold trim. There are TV's throughout to show the satellite navigation and/or presentations.

What are some of the common job titles you advertise for? (deck, engineering, food & beverage, sales, etc.)

First mate, Captain, Sales Manager/Assistant, Crew

What are some of the selling points you use to get people onboard to work with your company?

We provide experience in banquets, serving and bartending. You get the chance to work in a unique environment.

Do you have a lot of college kids/students working for you? If yes, then what attracts them to your jobs?

No, we require applicants to have a college degree to work in any of our positions.

Describe your perfect candidate. How can someone best make a great first impression with you?

Show their loyalty and commitment. Also in a small business such as this they have to be willing to do a variety of tasks and whatever is asked of them. We need a team player who is dedicated and good with people.

Are there any benefits or perks that your employees enjoy?

You get great discounts on cruises for friends and family. Loyalty from the company.

What advice would you give people to help them prepare for interviews with your company?

Be positive and upbeat. Have your accomplishments written out and any work you can show us. Have references available.

What is the interview and selection process like for your positions?

We do a first and final interview and then also have them ride a cruise to see if they also feel it is a fit.

Does your company provide any If yes, can you describe what it entails?

Yes. We train until we feel they are ready. We train them in all areas of the business so they understand the full operation. We also have them ride each of our cruises.


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