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O – Maritime Experts consultation provided by CruiseJobFinder is a free service offered free to our interested persons and members alike. We provide this free service to help all of our clients better understand the complexities of maritime employment, contracting, work protections and injury. To provide this service we have contracted with Maritime Experts, a firm is separate from us and not part of CruiseJobFinder.

O – This service makes available 24/7 a minimum of two maritime lawyers, each with over 35 years of experience, licensed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, Federal trial courts, Federal Court of Appeals, all State of Washington Courts, other State Courts by pro hac vice. Our experts are recognized for their experience and excellence in practice by their peers and each has tried, negotiated, resolved over 5,000 maritime cases involving maritime employment, contracting and injury, covering all aspects of cruise line maritime activities.

O    The Maritime Experts service works in much the same way as a live radio or tv call-in program does, where each individual’s problem or issue is discussed. But all of the discussions with Maritime Experts are one-on-one and strictly confidential. These discussions do not make you a client of Maritime Experts. Maritime Experts do represent private clients but only after a mutually agreeable retainer agreement is signed.

O – Maritime Experts follows the same rule Doctors do – first, do no harm. Cruise line maritime legal matters can be exceeding complex both for employers and employees. Some times an employer, unintentionally, is confused over all of the varying maritime rules and regulations and the simplest, best solution to a problem may often be to talk further with your employer. Much of what you experience or expect from land base related employment does not apply when working on Cruise ship, or on/over water. Most of the time a maritime workers entitlements under applicable maritime law will exceed both in compensation and worker protection what is available for land-based work.

O – There are many times when a worker may be entitled to several benefit programs at the same time. For example, in some situations a  worker may be entitled to both workers compensation and maritime benefits. Or, a worker may be covered under the longshore and harbor workers act, State or local government special benefit program, or union or employer benefit program. Maritime Experts are solely skilled and qualified to discuss legal issues for what is known as a Jones Act or general maritime law seaman. This limits legal issues to persons, generally known as “seamen” which are workers who: (1) work aboard a vessel; (2) which is in navigation (moving); (3) and the worker is contributing to the mission and function of the vessel.

O – The number of workers who qualify as seaman is quite large. For example, on a cruse ship virtually every worker performing any job, no matter how menial, is likely to legally qualify as a seaman – maid service, bartender, performer, hairdresser etc. Similarly, on fishing vessels.  Simply put, if you are working on something that floats (saltwater or lake) you should consider looking into whether you qualify as a seaman.

O – Other programs for which you may qualify may have strict time and paper filing requirements. You must not wait if you are investigating if you are a seaman, to obtain sound legal advice from attorneys other than maritime experts as to all other non-seaman programs. Time filing requirements can expire in as little as 10 days on non-maritime programs. Federal, State, Union, employee benefits programs may all require you to file paperwork within a limited required time, and at the right place, or you will lose all benefits.  If you are a seaman, in general, you have three years before you have to file a claim. There are exceptions, which can require filing in as little as 18 months, but this is rare.

O – The lawyers at Maritime Experts are excited about talking with anyone willing to listen, about maritime law.  If for any reason a claim or question or dispute should arise about answers given or information provided by Maritime Experts, our terms of service require legal resolution of such issues in the State of Washington King County Superior Court. Or, if brought as a Federal proceeding, in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. Please also see the general terms of service and disclaimer applying to this site.

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