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Sea Chefs
Hamburg, , Germany

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To be a leader in Quality Catering & Housekeeping services in the Maritime Sector.


To ensure that we provide a wholesome meal which is palatable, nutritious and safe for all our crew members onboard and assist them to achieve a healthy, safe and clean living condition onboard by providing them the best of our catering and housekeeping services.


Seachef will always strive to provide a balanced, nutritious, tasty and safe food in line with international norms to onboard crew without any compromise on the quality and quantity of food being served onboard.  

There will not be any compromise to safety standards, integrity, environmental or regulatory standards.

Furthermore it will maintain a clean, healthy and safe living condition by engaging effective and good housekeeping practices through its trained catering staff onboard.

The back office support of Seachef will continuously commit itself to uplift the present food supply chain management, engage in training the catering staff to enhance their skills and most importantly ensure that the workload of onboard staff is reduce in the overall catering and housekeeping management.


Reduce Customer Complaints by active interactions with customers, uphold the overall satisfaction levels by understanding and performing to their needs and expectations.

Efficient, cost effective running of the Catering system on board the vessel.

Continuous development of all around knowledge for all the catering and housekeeping staff in various subjects related to the catering/housekeeping management on-board the vessel by engaging services of External or Internal Trainers from the Hospitality Industry for training.

Sustain the present level of NIL supply delays by close & continuous monitoring of supplies/suppliers & frequent follow ups with various parties involved.

Ensure NIL Detentions related to catering & housekeeping operations by External Authorities by providing periodic updates on quarantine regulations at ports & applicable ILO requirements to our vessels and training our staff adequately in accordance to the various safety norms.

Customer Satisfaction levels - to maintain a position of being rated as “Good” in all the categories - Maintaining high standards of service, supply of quality products, engagement of reputed ship chandlers to undertake supplies, induction & deputation of qualified & trained chief cooks & intensifying training of catering staff.


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