Wanted - More Yacht Crew Worldwide

Don't delay pursuing a career onboard a yacht if that is your dream. According to one report by the BBC, the yachting industry has been growing at an astounding rate of 500 percent over the last decade, and that has created a global shortage of qualified crew members to keep these yachts running smoothly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that the job outlook for water transportation jobs, including jobs on all kinds of passenger transportation ships, is very good. The Bureau predicts that the number of jobs will grow much faster than the average for most other jobs. Your chances of finding and getting a job are better because of this overwhelming demand. Here are some other reasons why the need for yacht crew members is steadily increasing.

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More Yachts Equal More Crew Members Opportunities

In general the cruise and yachting industries have struggled to keep up with the demand for their services. Because occupancy rates have exceeded 100 percent, both cruise lines and yacht manufacturers have been making more vessels.help wanted sign photo Yachts are purchased by individuals for their own use as well as entrepreneurs who want to charter them, and yachting companies to add to their existing fleets. Often, privately owned yachts will charter their yachts when they are not using them, so crews are able to work full time.

More Yacht Cruises are Creating Demand

Each new yacht that is launched means more cruises to more destinations. This is another factor that is creating a big demand for yacht crew members. Yachting companies are adding cruises to new exotic destinations all over the globe, resulting in the need for more staff members. With the new super-yachts or mega-yachts that require a much higher number of workers, there is also demand for employees who can perform more than one function. For example, you may be hired to be a deckhand, but if you're certified in scuba you could also be asked to take passengers out for scuba excursions, receiving the pay, and tips, for both jobs.

Turnover Leads to More Opportunities

Another factor that is leading to an increased need for yachting employees is a high turnover rate. Despite the fact that many jobs pay well and provide all food and accommodations, many people choose to work for one or two seasons - just long enough to get some travel in and then look for work in another industry. Some people are just looking for that opportunity to travel for a short period of time. One complaint of yacht crew members is that it can be harder to maintain relationships with friends and family members, and this is another reason for the turnover. But for new crew members, the turnover means more opportunities for them.

Staffing Agencies Need Able Candidates

The more qualified crew members that yacht crew staffing agencies have in their databases, the more business they will attract. That means these agencies are usually recruiting for crew members even when they might be experiencing seasonal dips in demand (although these are rare these days). Since using yacht crew staffing agencies are a good way to get work, it's a win-win situation for both sides. Take advantage of the need for crew members by registering with two more yacht crew agencies.

All of these reasons add up to the increasing need for qualified yacht crew staff members. If you receive your STCW 95 training, and follow the advice of the staffing agencies, chances are good your dreams of working on a yacht can come true.


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