Child & Youth Activity Oriented Jobs

While most people think of hospitality jobs or ship crew positions when they think of jobs onboard a cruise ship, there are actually a broad range of other jobs available too.

For example, there is an ongoing need for childcare workers and youth activity leaders. In the past, cruises were mainly seen as vacations for couples or older passengers. Today, there are many more families cruising together, and that means the kids are looking for interesting and fun activities to do while at sea. Parents also enjoy having a night or two for dancing and quiet time without the kids, which means they need reliable childcare!

That's why the large cruise lines now include several types of childcare and youth activities and clubs for kids. Kids enjoy the time they can spend with other kids, and the parents enjoy being able to do things like shopping or spending time in the casino, which they might not otherwise be able to do with their children.

Shipboard Jobs with Kids

If you like working with kids, you are an experienced childcare provider, or you've had experience leading kids in activities at summer camps or as a teacher, and you also enjoy traveling, getting a job onboard a cruise ship as a childcare provider is a great way to combine these interests and skills. You'll reap all the benefits associated with working for a cruise line while performing work that you enjoy. Here are a few examples of some of the jobs and duties that are available.

  • Childcare provider, infants and toddlers: You will work in a place where parents can bring their infants and toddlers for a few hours at a time. You will be responsible to change diapers if necessary, and feed and interact with the children. You may be asked to provide childcare during the day as well as during the evenings.
  • Kids' club activities leader: In this position you will need some experience and creativity in developing fun activities and crafts the kids will do while at the club. While some kids will just want to play with the toys and games, there is usually at least one adult-led activity that the kids can do together as a group. You will be required to develop the activities and then lead them, making sure that the participants are having fun.
  • Teen activities coordinator: Not all cruises have activities for teens, but there are some that make the effort. As a teen coordinator your job will be similar to that as the kids' club leader. You will need to develop age appropriate activities that teens will enjoy and lead them.
  • There also may be some positions for qualified dance instructors or sports instructors to lead kids in dance classes and some sports activities.

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