This position is also called: Bar Server, Bar Utility

The Bartender is the one responsible to provide the fast and efficient service the passengers on a cruise ship expect. He or she ensures that the bar performance also measures up to the expectancies of the cruise line, and makes sure that all aspects of beverage service is carried out.

In Focus: Bartender/Assistant Bartender

Bartenders help with training the Bar Staff to be sure that they know what is needed. They also keep the bars well-stocked, clean, and help with the taking and delivery of orders. Bartenders are responsible to help meet budget targets set by the Bar Managers by using various sales techniques, including upselling and suggestive selling. They also ensure proper levels of cleanliness, inventory control, re-supply, and all other avenues of beverage supply.

In order to qualify for a cruise ship job as a Bartender, you will need to have excellent communication ability – in English, have at least a H.S. Diploma or GED, and be at least 21. You will also need to have a minimum of two or three years working in the beverage industry, and cruise ship experience is preferred. Math knowledge is essential, too, because you may need to be able to calculate commissions, interest, tips, and percentages. Being able to speak in other languages will give you an advantage.

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